Enter The Dick

There’s a mean wind blowing. The pothole-filled streets and cracked sidewalks are full of dirty punks. But don’t fear. I’m here.



There’s a new detective in town. And at least some crooks will be swept away. So call me. Come by my office. And I’ll solve your problem. Or die trying.


3 thoughts on “Enter The Dick”

  1. I like the last line “Or die trying.” I’m getting the sense that you have a detective story bottled up inside you (or maybe several). I think some of the short, snappy sentences you use in your writing would go well with a story where the narrator is a private eye. Even your older work on blogspot has that feel.

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  2. Thank you! You are very kind! Your words mean a lot to me! I have written some longer stories,but I lost them,when I moved. I have written poetry and a few horror stories,too.


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