Crazed Killers

It always happens at night. They come out to kill.

I walked down to the corner. Stopped and looked around. Nobody. A second later, I heard footsteps.


A New Beginning

The streets call me. It’s time to go back out into the world. Some streets are getting meaner, the people believing the lies they hear on the news. They turn on each other. Not seeing the real threat.

The man’s body was in front of me on the hot pavement. A crowd started to form. It looked like another shooting. The gang members watched the scene from a distance. Another summer night in the city.

A Walk In The Park

The night noises come alive as I walk down the street. The park hides in darkness close up ahead. Where am I going? Why am I here? I don’t know. I never know. My footsteps sound loud as the the night suddenly gets quiet. I turn around and walk away. I’ll be back tomorrow night.

Summer Blues

Life knocks you around. Why? Who,knows? Its hot and it’s hard getting through the day. Another sad case I work to have something to do. The pain comes and goes.


She left me a few days ago. I try to stay busy. My life will get better, I say. People, laugh. Moods come and go. My life remains the same.

Dark Street Blues

He wished he hadn’t come this way. The street was very dark. Dogs barked wildly. Other menacing sounds could be heard. He walked as quickly as he dared. Tripping and falling wouldn’t be good.

The end of the street was now near. As he turned the corner his spirit soared. He had made it through once again. Their corrupt forces hadn’t stopped him.

Gray Day

Morning comes soon and finds another cloudy day.I’ll spend it inside with my client. The safe house is well fortified. I wish I could sleep.


When night comes again I’ll go out. And all this will be over for,the girl that sits before me,shaking and crying. Her boyfriend threatened to kill her.  I’ll have someone else guard her tonight. And then I’ll pay a little visit to her boyfriend. And maybe he will be shaking and crying.

The Night Moves Fast

Where did it go? When you’re with someone special the time can fly. Talking and laughing and soon it’s over. She was pretty and smart and worth more than gold.


Gunshots were heard. I lost her in the crowd on the street. I looked for almost an hour. Couldn’t find her. At the end of a dark alley I found her purse. I will search every inch of this crooked city.

Enter The Dick

There’s a mean wind blowing. The pothole-filled streets and cracked sidewalks are full of dirty punks. But don’t fear. I’m here.



There’s a new detective in town. And at least some crooks will be swept away. So call me. Come by my office. And I’ll solve your problem. Or die trying.